Okko lens filter FAQs

Your company is based in New Zealand does it take months to receive my order?

No way - we ship all products from our warehousing team in Texas, US. 

You offer free standard shipping, how many days is this?

We aim for 3 - 6 days. You will receive tracking number after purchase.

How does your Pro Lifetime Warranty work?

Whether you’ve owned your Okko Pro lens filter for one day or 50 years, if you break it, we replace it.

Accidents happen. We don’t care how your filter gets broken. All we ask is that you don’t make a habit of it. The only time we’d ever refuse to send a replacement filter would be if we believe you’re breaking filters on purpose. And that’s never happened.

If your Okko Pro lens filter gets damaged, please email a photograph and a description of the damage to us at, along with your proof of purchase and your shipping address.

We’ll ship your replacement filter for free.

Do all your filters have a Lifetime Warranty?

No. Only the Okko Pro range have a Lifetime Guarantee.

Our Okko Lite range come with a 12-month warranty, where we guarantee them to be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use and conditions, for 12-months from the date you bought your filter.

If your Okko Lite lens filter becomes faulty within 12-months of purchase, please email a photograph and a description of the fault to us at, along with your proof of purchase and your shipping address. We’ll ship your replacement lens filter for free.

Where are you located?

We are located in New Zealand with global distributors including a warehousing/ shipping team in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Can I use a UV Filter for lens protection?

Yes. You can leave your UV filter on your lens all the time. It protects the front element of your valuable camera lens and makes it easy for you to keep your lens clean and safe in wild weather and rugged environments.

What is an ND (Neutral Density Filter) used for?

An ND filter allows you to control the amount of light in your image so you can do longer exposures.

The filter stops light reaching the camera sensor, so you can leave the camera with a higher aperture for longer. ND filters don’t affect colour.

Shoot long exposures during the day. Shoot in bright light without overexposing your images. Use slower shutter speeds to create dramatic effects that emphasise movement. Videographers use ND filters in bright conditions for more consistent light and colour.

Minimise time spent in post-production by taking better images and video

What is a CPL (Circular Polarizing Filter)?

Photographers use polarizing filters when shooting landscapes to capture rich, clear shots in challenging bright conditions. Darken skies, manage reflections, add colour saturation, and suppress glare.

Okko’s fully adjustable CPL filter allows you to control polarisation for colour saturation and greater contrast.

How do I know what size of lens filter I need?

Match the size of your lens filter to the size of your camera lens. To find this size, look at the front of your camera lens. You’ll see the size is printed on the front frame of your lens.

I took some epic shots with my Okko filter. How do I share them?

Mate! We’re all about epic shots. Join us @okkofilters and share your Okko moments with #okkofilters. Can’t wait to see your remarkable images.

Can I be an Okko ambassador?

We love being part of the creative journey for photographers and videographers. Our global creative community is growing fast and we’re looking for talented people to spread the word.

If you’re an Okko lens filters fan, and you’d like to be an ambassador for our brand, drop us a note here and tell us why you’d like to join the Okko fam