The Okko Story

We make premium lens filters for photographers

Okko lens filters are quality kit, built to last and don’t cost a fortune.

We keep it simple because life’s too short to spend time agonising over filters. You could be out taking photos instead.

Okko Pro filters are built tough for rugged environments. German Schott glass, Japanese AGC optical glass and nano coatings protect your camera lens. And our lifetime guarantee means if you break your filter, we replace it.

Okko Lite filters are all-weather protection for enthusiasts on a budget. Same commitment to quality, affordable materials and a 12-month warranty.

There’s an Okko lens filter to fit all camera frame sizes.

Born in New Zealand for big, beautiful adventures

In 2015 Simon Apperley returned home to New Zealand and was inspired by the pure southern light and epic landscapes.

Simon had a great camera and a growing collection of lenses. But he struggled to find quality filters. In every store he was faced with an intimidating wall of badly packaged, jargon heavy, average glass, expensive filters.

He thought, there has to be a better way. 

So, he created Okko. Simple. Strong. A lens filter for life.

After evaluating the market and design we crafted a range of filters with the highest quality glass with minimal design features. 

Tools to create

Life is an adventure worth capturing. And Okko gives you the tools to capture the action. We’re here to support you on your creative journey. Our reward is seeing your remarkable images.

Join our global community of creatives @okkofilters and share your Okko moments with #okkofilters.